Family Portraits

$125 M-F, weekends $165 ... Family Sessions are intended to be a reflection of the love between the members of your family. Our sessions are designed to be a creative, fun, easygoing experience for you AND your kids that will create ART for your home and bring happiness to your lives everytime you glance at your walls, long after your portraits were taken.

Family Sessions are most often shot on-location, preferrably a place that has special meaning to your family. Our studio is great at suggesting locations based on the look you want for your home, urban, downtown, mountaintop, your front yard, etc.

Planning for your session:
Where will you hang the portraits: Planning ahead a place for the images to hang is so beneficial when deciding what to wear and where to shoot. We can help with wall collection ideas, verticle and horizontal layouts and make this experience custom designed for your home. So...start brainstorming...down the hall, over the bed, up the stairs, over the's all fair game!
How should we all dress? We will email or snail mail you a clothing guide with tons of links and shopping options if you want! After 9 years of shooting families, we do know what NOT to wear: white or pastels make everything, ahem, bellies and waists, appear larger. Don't dress everyone in exactly the same shirt, or you will all look like you have on a uniform. Sleeve length should be the same for everyone and shoes will show only some of the time, so Dad might not want to wear white socks with his brown shoes like my husband!
When should we shoot the session?Time of day and season is important for planning your family portraits. Time of day usually depends on the age of children. Season depends on if you want bright crisp images in spring and summer or warm golden tones of fall. Family Sessions can be done in the winter in our studio for a simple, clean, black and white look.

Family Sessions are scheduled at 10:30am through 5:30pm. The session fee is $125 for all immediate people in your family, M-F. Travel and weekend rates available upon request.

Our studio is a 3 appointment process, one for the session, one for the in-person order appointment and a final pick-up appointment. We feel sure this is the best way to service you at our studio. We want you to see and touch the products to appreciate the quality. My livlihood depends on this personal touch.

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