Suzanne Deaton, artist

What can I say? After 12 years as a photographer, I am STILL as passionate about KIDS today as I was the first day I picked up a camera. I love to photograph other kids the SAME way I do my own . . . in a simple, contemporary , and authentic way, adding my sense of humor and theirs! I truly just get the biggest kick out of children. Showing your child's true personality is my ultimate goal so you will hang these images on your walls, and smile everytime you see them. Children's portraiture is an ART and I am PROUD to display it all over homes in Eastern and Central Kentucky. I believe STRONGLY children's portraits belong on the WALLS, not on a disc in a drawer! I am honored and humbled to call myself your familiy photographer and take that responsibility to heart.

"I'm indebted to my family, who have always inspired me to achieve great things. My mom, for teaching me at an early age to be a strong, independent woman and for never once telling me I couldn't do anything I set my mind to. My Dad, for the ability to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime and for being a great storyteller. To my sisters, Lauren and Whitney, for letting me shine, supporting me, and for a reality check when I need it. My in-laws, Michael, Keithley, Kelly and Kevin, for treating me like a Deaton since 1987! For my kids, my favorite people to be around, McKenna and Zane, for ultimately inspiring this passion I call photography. They really deserve all the credit. Finally, for Keith, my husband of 23 years, who always encourages me to do what I love and never gets tired of me."

Receiving AWARDS for something I love to do is just the icing on the cake. I strive to shoot images at every session that are award winning, and entering competition has taught me that! ... Here are a few.
2015 International Print Competition GOLD Photographer of the Year
2015 Photo Pro Network Judges Choice Award
2014 (2) images accepted into the Loan Collection of PPA
2014 Grand Imaging Award top 10 Pet Portrait
2012 Master Photographer Degree, Professional Photographers of America
2012 Fuji Masterpiece Award
2012 Judges Choice Award
2011 1st Place Senior Portrait KY
2011 Bob Walden Best Black and White Award
2011 Best of Show Award
2010, 11, 12, KY top 10 Photographer

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