frequently asked questions...

Our digital collections begin at $1200 and include canvas wall portraits. We do offer a low-res facebook cd when added to a wall portrait or other collection. We specialize in creating ART for your home, and as an artist I want to control what type of medium is best suitable for printing!

When can I view my images?
Ordering sessions take place as early as a few days from your session at the studio! All orders WILL be placed that day so make sure all decision makers are present. Orders must be paid in full at this time or arrangements made for our payment plan. We accept Visa/MC, checks and cash.

How long do you keep my images?
Non-ordered images are removed from our system following your ordering appointment – we do not archive files which are not ordered. If you don't want them, we don't either. All ordered images are archived for a period of 1 to 2 years.

When will my print order be ready?
Your order will be ready in 4 to 5 weeks for standard prints and will need to be picked up at the studio. We do ship orders for a small fee. Canvas Wall Collections can take up to 6 weeks.

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